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Exploring Ottawa Parks

Interactive Dashboard of Various Park Features Across Ottawa

Done as a group project for ITEC5207, with me as team lead and group members: Bahareh Abolhasanzadeh, Harsh Patel, Harsh Upadhyay


Here is the link to a quick DEMO video of the dashboard

Here is the link to the Tableau Public story


I love going outside whenever the weather permits. I am not very good at going to different parks to explore when other parks have to offer. I always look for specific things when I go to the park and I have a hard time knowing what they have, since they do not always list it (or I’m too lazy to click through each park and read which features are listed in reviews).

For our term group project, I had wanted to make an interactive map with a list of features within a park and allow people to select which features they want. This would then update the map to include only parks that fit this criteria.

What was really amazing about working in a great team, was that everyone contributed ideas that were really useful and made our final product even better than I initially imagined!

The data we used:
What did our final product have?
The technologies we used to achieve this: