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Anja Wu 👩🏻‍💻

Data analysis with Python and SQL

Hi, my name is Anja! I have a love of learning and am pursuing my passion in data. I have been self-motivated to improve my skills and apply my learnings to real-life data with the hopes to produce actionable insights for things I am passionate about. I have been learning Python (including Pandas, NumPy, matplotlib, sci kit-learn, statsmodels, SciPy, Folium, Selenium), R, SQL (using Mode and BigQuery), Looker Studio, Google Analytics, and Tableau. I have also completed a Vector Institute's 6-week Machine Learning course covering: k-NN, decision trees, regression, and feed-forward neural networks. As a teacher, I have a great deal of experience in clearly communicating to all levels of math/data literacy and a love of passing on my passion for STEM. I am currently doing a M.Sc. in Data Science, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence within the statistics stream.

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Anja Wu

I earned a Bachelor of Honours in Mathematics from Carleton University, where I learnt Java and C. But, I didn’t find my passion for coding - until I started learning Python near the end of my second pregnancy. As a math and science teacher to students at an alternate high school, I was curiously looking at coding courses available to them that could help teach them practical skills that could help them in the future. Because I couldn’t find any good options, I decided to start teaching myself Python to offer my students more options. I found myself getting further and further into coding and found myself falling down rabbit holes where I just kept learning more, and I really enjoyed tapping into the problem solving skills I learned in my degree. During my second maternity leave, while my two kids slept, I kept coding and expanding my projects and this website shows my journey. I would love to now try to take my skills and my love of learning and bring actionable change to a company whose values I strongly support!

Here is a copy of my resume.