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SQL Data Analysis

As much as I loved coding in Python, learning SQL has opened up so many opportunities. After spending time coding, I have found that SQL is like Excel and Python had a baby and it came out as a super easy to use data analyzing tool. In order to learn the basic syntax of SQL, I was recommended Mode's SQL Tutorial. I LOVED it! If you are new to SQL I would definitely recommend doing it.

Below I will summarize all the syntax and skills I have learnt, along with my reports from the three sections of the hypothetical problems with fake data from the Mode Analytics Training.


Mode Analytics Training

The cases presented in each section are linked to. I am currently working my way through the reports and will be updating as I finish each one. So far, I have completed the report on analyzing why a drop in engagement occurred!


SQL Syntax

In the tabs below, you will find a summary of the terminology and tools I learnt from the Mode tutorial.